Prayer & Player (2008)

Prayer & Player

An interactive performance, oral history, and digital sound score, Bokaer simultaneously examined the cultural phenomenon of podcasting and the collective history of the performers in this multimedia work. Do-It-Yourself radio broadcasting has been around for decades, yet radio's newest incarnation, podcasting, has new formal potential for live performance – including dance. The digital sound score for this work incorporated interviews conducted with the dancers (all over the age of 70), who had MP3 players strapped to their arms: their overlapping voices, in snippets revealing the path each took to become a dancer, were transmitted through six speakers.
This sound environment brings the past to the present, assimilating digital media, while paying homage to these performers.

A series of interviews and phonecalls conducted by Jonah Bokaer, with seminal members of the PARADIGM dance ensemble, recording the histories of their careers in dance.

Premiére: July 7th, 2008 | Dance Theater Workshop, NYC
Duration: 12 Minutes

Choreography, Media, & Podcasting: Jonah Bokaer
Sound Production: Nicoletta Massignani
Costumes: Oana Botez-Ban
Lighting: Burke Willmore
Performance: Carmen de Lavallade, Valda Setterfield, Gus Solomons Jr.

Production: Commissioned by and for the 10th Anniversary of PARADIGM Dance Company.